What We Do

As a Recovery Management Entity of the HCBS-AMH program, we work with clients to ensure their treatment is individualized and unique to their needs. At A-Z Healthcare Services, we coordinate, monitor, link and advocate for individuals as they access necessary services to thrive in their community. Our work is driven by a person-centered recovery planning approach which guides how we create an individualized recovery plan (IRP) and monitor the individual’s progress towards completing their goals. An individualized recovery plan (IRP) will be created to make sure your current needs are being met. We collaborate with HCBS-AMH Provider Agencies to support individuals as they receive any of the following services:

Peer Support

Respite Care(Short Term)

Transportation Services

Adaptive Aids

Assisted Living

Community Psychiatric Support & Treatment

Home-Delivered Meals

Substance Use Disorder Services

Supported Home Living

Supervised Living Services

Transition Assitance


Employment Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

Host-Home/Companion Care