About us

A to Z Healthcare Services was founded with the hope of supporting the mental health needs within our community. At A to Z Healthcare Services, we are passionate about what we do. Our commitment to provide comprehensive and exceptional services to our clients, and their support systems, is a reflection of our core values to serve with, Integrity, Loyalty, Open-mindedness, Value, and Exceptionalism. In order to ensure a successful road to recovery, we focus on each individual’s talents and strengths. We have a diverse team, composed of multidisciplinary professionals, all of whom embrace the totality of each individual, and show compassion and sensitivity towards cultural beliefs, ethnicity, religion, spirituality, and past experiences.


About The Program

The Home and Community-Based Services – Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH) 1915(i) is a Texas Health and Human Services Commission program. The program provides home and community-based services to adults with serious mental illness (SMI). This initiative serves individuals with serious mental illness who also experience extended stays in state mental health facilities, multiple arrests, or frequent Emergency Room (ER) visits. The program provides individualized resources, services, and supports to enable each program participant to successfully reintegrate into his or her community. As a Home and Community-Based Services—Adult Mental Health (HCBS-AMH), recovery manager, we enable you to live, experience and have access to opportunities in your community of choice through our services. Click here for more information

Our Core Values

We’ve adopted a set of core values that guide our approach and quality of care. These values represent the love and passion we stand by.


We are transparent with our service and stay true to our words.


We are committed to providing consistent, quality care from start to finish.


Each participant is welcomed with a judgement-free approach.


We value our clients opinions and inputs in their care.


We take pride in providing the best recovery services possible.